To provide the highest quality and safety for using our Coco substrate Coir Project accomplishes continual quality checks. Producing our Products at our own sub company gives us the possibility to supervise all quality standards - to begin with the assortment of raw material, professional manufacturing until to the due-process and delivery.

If you are interested our Coco substrate can be supplied with company certificates for quality and external ingredients analysis.

Here our Coir Project Coco substrate is supervised by approved German and European research facilities. It is permanently tested at different Users and faculties.

Raw materials

The reliable base for growing media

Modern commercial horticulture requires growing media with constant chemical, physical and biological properties.

Cocopeat is the ideal base for these substrates. The peat raw materials for Coirproject come exclusively from designated areas under internal and external control on basic of our own standards. They are carefully methods to obtain the pure cocopeat and carefully prepared using special milling and screening methods. A broad spectrum of raw materials is therefore available for the production of Coirproject Substrates.

Coirproject has extensive extraction areas in Sri Lanka. The coco mills owner are bounded by long term contracts for delivery.

Cocopeat is free of plant diseases and growth inhibiting substances. It has constant chemical properties, ideal relationship of air and water retention capacities as well as a high buffering capacity.


Substrate production

Coirproject are manufactured at our own production facilities in Sri Lanka. All equipped with modern machinery and technical installations. The internal and external Tested and certified base materials are transported to the production sites, stored under cover and strictly controlled, in order to exclude the risk of incorrect mixing or contamination.

At all sites, substrate components are prepared and mixed using latest technical methods. All production sequences are organized into standardised processes.

The quality management system would certify by DIN EN ISO 9000:2007.

Screening systems

Coirpeat raw materials are screened to the required substrate structure by different screen types. To obtain medium and coarse substrate structures, Coirproject uses special screens.

Mixing and dosing systems

Every product has a recipe number and a defined recipe, the details of which are stored in the manufactru. After entering the recipe number, the computer controlled mixing plants produce the required substrate with a high degree of reliability, accuracy and homogeneity. At the same time, all components are handled and mixed in such a way as to preserve their physical structure.

The constant flow rate of the cocopeat mixture on the production line enables precise addition of different parts of cocochips. The addition of ingredients is regulated by a feedback control system with continuous desired/actual value comparison and adjustment.

Each mixing line terminates in a high capacity mixer that blends the components into the finished product.

Packing and loading

Without going into intermediate storage, the finished substrates are packed on treated wooden pallets and either loaded onto container 20 or 40 FT in bulk or filled into different packaging types. Every pallets is marked with its’ production code. Measurement of the substrate volume is carried out in accordance with the European standard EN 12580.


The retained sample taken during production is visually examined and analysed in our own laboratory, then placed in cold storage for six months. For every batch, a production record of the mixing line used is also kept; this registers the quantities of substrate components used, The weight by volume and the produced quantity.

Admixing agents

Essential for every substrate

To achieve ideal blends for substrates Cocopeat are in many cases supplemented with additional fiber, husks and extra ingredients.

Product developers in Coirproject are thoroughly familiar with their properties and effects. They know which admixing agent must be used and in what quantity in order to obtain a given substrate property.

Admixing agents of high quality are required in this respect. Admixing agents used for Coirproject Substrates are produced and controlled according to internal and external control - standards. This includes control of the suppliers of these products.

Proven and new admixing agents are continuously tested for their suitability for substrates and are subjected to extensive growing trials in order to guarantee and further optimise the physical, chemical and biological properties of the substrates.